Thursday, November 11, 2010

13th Post - Anarchism

Recently, I was writing a paper discussing anarchism and Emma Goldman, a famous late 19th, early 20th century anarchist. In my paper, I had to weigh my opinion on my chosen interlocutor's political ideal(s). Anarchism, to me, should be the natural state for man (gender free) to live in. Basically, since the beginning of time, man has organized itself in a way where one or a small group in some way or another control to some degree the lives' of the other men. This pattern has continued in every corner of the world throughout history.

I assuredly understand why this pattern has continued. Look at the societies humanity has created for itself based off the ideals of authority and organization. However, one has to come to the realization that in these kind of systems there will never be complete fairness to all the levels of society. But in these urbanized, industrialized times, is anarchism possible? It is doubtful. Humanity has become to dependent to scrub everything it has become reliant on. We would basically have to live in the animal world, who are the perfect examples of anarchism. How?

The majority of animals, beside humans, organize themselves into packs, prides, pods...some type of familial group, which is usually the most amount of authority resides. Lions don't have presidents, and dolphins don't have prime minsters. The family is responsible for its life and death. They hunt and/or forage for food, they protect their family from other predators, and create a suitable habitat for their families.

When we compare this to how humans behave...humans separate into families, yes, but very large, extended families. Then coworkers, friends, and other acquaintances are added into the social circle. Humans have also created much larger, governmental authorities that, while we like to think we live in a free society, almost completely control our ways of life. In many ways, humanity doesn't just rely on its immediate family for life and death responsibilities. It relies on the companies that make their cars that they are safe to drive to work in the morning. It relies on the companies they work for to provide safe work environments, and to keep them employed to feed their families. They rely on local supermarkets to supply them the food they need for their families.

The web gets more and more complex the more you delve into it. Real estate companies make sure you can buy a house, and supply stores provide you the tools and products you need to fill and finish the house and keep it in good shape. The extent to which humans rely on other humans, particularly authoritative groups of humans, is becoming increasingly frightening.

The disparaging end to this is that humanity right now, is not capable of living independently, certainly not in America or many other first world states, if any. Many people might find this odd coming from me, since I am firm believer in socialism, like the governments we see in Sweden and Iceland currently. I am a firm believer in socialism because I feel that it is the lesser of the evil directions governments can go in. The true nature of man though, should be free. Free from of the control and manipulation of companies, of governments, and of forced societal constructions.

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