Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6th Post - My Atheism Argument

Well it appears as if I have been neglecting my blog...oops!

To introduce this topic: Stephen Prothero, author of the book God is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World was a guest on The Colbert Report the other night. This led him to writing a short post on CNN's Belief Blog, where I read a lot of things that frankly pissed me off. Prothero doesn't give much attention to atheism, and when he does, he does it in the way of shining it with a yellow, dirty light you would be likely to find in a bathroom too dirty for a hooker to shoot up in. He exemplifies that atheists consider the world's religions as, "all religions are one and bad." Well that's rude.

I commented on the article, specifically to Prothero, saying this:

"The poison, I feel as being an atheist, that other atheists refer to is that of irrationality. The belief that some unknown, unseen being created everything on this world, while pushing clear reasons and explanations of science and evolution aside is irrational. By simply calling atheism's view on religions as "bad and all the same" is demeaning to the practice of atheism. Atheism, to me, and many other atheists is the practice of choice, freedom, and individuality. It is also astounding to me how you say atheism has a very little impact on the world. Perhaps now, it cannot overcome the cruel practices and bigotry of organized religion, but it is certainly trying to. Atheists are some of the biggest supporters of gay rights, pro-choice, and peace movements. When atheism becomes a stronger influence in America and the world at large, there will be a greater sense of peace, rationality, and hope."

He had, commented earlier in the comments section, that atheism has very little impact on the world, which also made me quite angry, not for the honesty behind the words, but from the future meaning.

Atheism is a weak belief system (which I am comfortable calling it), compared to the strength behind Islamic and Christian belief, specifically the terrifying power of the Catholic Church (which could equal a blog post within itself). It does not have a book, or a set of rules, or anyone to answer to except yourself. With those aspects, it becomes less cult like, and thus a less formidable opponent against the irrationality that religion is.

I can only hope that rationality and atheism grows, and the push for true secular societies and communities gets stronger. When we stop looking up at the sky for answers, and turn our thoughts, hopes, and actions towards the living human beings on this planet, the world will be a much better place.

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